Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Promo- not much

I've put out feelers that I'm looking for other authors to let me know when their stuff is coming out to promote on this blog on Wednesdays. So far I've had one person contact me and she wants to wait until her release dates, so you get the same old stuff about me.

I blogged on the RWA chapter blog on Monday- Yesterday I dropped off posters to the book store where I have my book signing on November 7th. I need to get posters to the other book store for the signing on the 8th.

The local writer's group- Central Oregon Writers Guild, is hosting their Fall Literary Harvest this Friday, October 17th in Redmond at the Comfort Suites. Local writers submitted work that was judged and ten people will be reading their work on Friday night.

Next Tuesday I'm blogging on the Cactus Rose blog. My topic is Cowboy Cussin'. I've been researching the topic looking for new and different ways for my heroes to express themselves. ;)

And don't forget you can get your name in the running for a SONY eReader from The Wild Rose Press if you purchase one of my books or one of the books of the long list of authors from the TWRP. Check out the website and click on the Win Me! on the home page to find out more.

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