Monday, October 13, 2008

Staying the Course

As a fairly new published writer, it is always uplifting and sometimes disheartening to read about other writers who have been at this avocation a lot longer then myself. I love the conference speakers who tell you how they started and what helped them persevere in a world that is full of rejection.

But it is always the story in a writer that they have to tell that keeps them moving forward and motivated to hone their craft and make each story better and more compelling.

Reading the Reader's Digest this morning I came across a short article on John Updike. This man has been writing for fifty years, has two Pulitzer awards along with many other literary awards. And he writes about every day people making them interesting. His book "The Witches of Eastwick" was made into a movie and he's writing the sequel.

What I found great about the whole article were his comments about writing. When asked if he ever had writer's block he answered: "Every day there's a struggle. I think, is this worth doing? Am I doing it well?" When hasn't every writer ever felt this way? And this is a man with two Pulitzers! It just goes to show you we are all equal when we sit down to a computer or a typewriter or a pad of paper. Even the award winning writers have their doubts and concerns of whether they can make the story sing or fall flat.

And the reason he keeps writing: "The hope of doing something I've never done before, coming up with something surprising for faithful readers." That's all any writer wants to do. Please their readers.

Thank you Mr. Updike for reaffirming my reasons for sitting at this computer day after day and putting words to paper for others to enjoy.

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Lauri said...

Hear, hear!

One of the things I love most about writing is my local RWA group. To visit with others doing the same thing, day after day, lets us know we are in this alone, nor are we crazy!