Monday, February 10, 2014

What's a Blog Chain?

I was invited to be part of a blog chain by the lovely and talented, Melia Alexander. Here's a little bit about her:
A native of Guam, Melia Alexander is the author of sassy, sexy, fun contemporary romances.  She’s fortunate to work at The Male Observation Lab (a.k.a. her day job at a construction company), where she’s able to observe guys in their natural habitat.  In her free time, she’s busy conquering her CrossFit fears: ring dips, power cleans, and the dreaded 800 meter run. Her family appreciates her attempts at cooking and cleaning, although she uses that time to mostly daydream about her characters, which sometimes results in a burnt meal and a half-cleaned house.  Visit to learn more about her.

And here are my answers to the chain blog questions.

I'm currently working on the third book in the Isabella Mumphrey adventure series. She and Tino are in Arizona and as Tino deals with drug trafficking over the Mexico border, Isabella is on the trail of a Hopi ceremonial holy site and runs into some unexpected traffickers.

My work differs from others of this genre because it isn't really classified as a romance yet has more romance that other action adventure stories. It also has a female main character.

I write what I write because an idea or character comes to me that I'm passionate about. If I'm not passionate about the story it comes through in the writing. That's why I write historical and contemporary--westerns, action adventure, paranormal and mystery. I write the story that is calling to me, but I always try to keep the western or Native American spin on the story so readers know they will always have that element in one of my stories. I had hoped for more genre hopping readers, but right now it seems my historical westerns are the stories most readers are picking up. 

My writing process is as varied as the genres I write. Some books come to me through the character first and I have to then sort out the plot and conflicts. Other times the plot comes and I have to conjure up the characters to fit the plot. In either case, I always have to do research before I finish the story idea. If it's a historical, history could be a part of the plot, if it's a contemporary, either the location or the character's occupation could become part of the plot. Each book has it's own joys and obstacles when the plot is being pieced together, the characters formulating, and through the actual writing.

These are the next two who accepted the chain blog. They will be answering these same questions on their blogs on February 17th, please stop in and check them out. 

Jacquie Rogers
You can never take the country out of a girl’s heart.  Jacquie Rogers lives in Seattle,Washington, now but grew up in Owyhee CountyIdaho, where her Hearts of Owyhee series is set.  (Owyhee, pronounced oh-WYE-hee, is the original anglicized spelling of Hawaii.)  She and her friends rode horses all over the hills chasing fictional outlaws and generally causing a ruckus.  Since taking up the pen, her books have won several awards.  Her latest novels are Much Ado About Miners and Sleight of Heart.

Jacquie is a member of Western Fictioneers and Romance Writers of America.  She teaches writing and research classes on occasion, owns the Romancing The West blog and the Pickle Barrel Bar & Books on Facebook.

Jacquie’s Website:
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Lauri Robinson
Lauri Robinson's chosen genre to write is Western historical, and when asked why, she says, "Because I know I wasn't the only girl who wanted to grow up and marry Little Joe Cartwright." Lauri lives in Minnesota where she and her husband spend every spare moment with their three grown sons and their families—spoiling the grandchildren.

You can learn more about Lauri and her books at, or connect with her on Facebook or Twitter

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