Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Meet Melissa Yi

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Melissa Yi, a member Windtree Press, the author co-operative I've been a part of for a year now.

Melissa is a writer, physician, and free spirit living with her family outside of Montreal, Canada. Her short stories and poems have been published in the Aurora-award winning anthology The Dragon and the Stars, Indian Country Noir, Bewere the Night, Nature, and many other fine venues.
She has a Goodreads Giveaway, starting Feb 10:

Terminally Ill is the third book in Melissa's Hope Sze mystery novels. I read the first one of the series and have to say the unemotional doctor reminds me of Doctor House on the show "House." Only she at least realizes her inadequacy with emotions. If you like mysteries in hospital settings, you'll like Melissa Yi's Dr. Sze novels.

Terminally Ill 
by Melissa Yi

An escape artist plunges into the icy waters of Montreal’s St. Lawrence River, chained and nailed into a coffin—and never breaks free.
After they dredge him from the waves, Dr. Hope Sze resuscitates him, saving his life. When he regains consciousness, but not his memory of the event, he hires Hope to deduce who sabotaged his act. Even as she probes the case, and the strange world of magic and illusion, she must confront her own fears of death on the palliative care ward—and tackle the two toothsome men who can’t wait for her to choose between them.
Hope’s third and most unconventional adventure yet. Where the magical art of escape and the dastardly art of crime vie for centre stage, and the better man may lose. Forever.

Written by an emergency doctor trained in the crumbling corridors of Montreal.

Available at Windtree Press

Terminally Ill is the pick on Kobo Next right now. 

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