Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Beautiful Day

The weather here is gorgeous today! More like our Central Oregon weather! Sunshine energizes me and rainy weather makes me feel dull and useless. I could never live where it rains a lot.

Didn't get the horses rode this morning because my daughter and her family had to be in town for a family portrait by 10 and that didn't give us enough time to ride, but will try to get it in this afternoon, though my dad and mother-in-law are coming sometime in the afternoon. My dad to stay for a couple of days and my mother-in-law to play with her great-grandson and have dinner.

I wish I were at home right now, then I could be writing, but I'm at one of my part time jobs. I finished what needed to be done and am waiting for Christy and her family to come back and pick me up! So lucky you who reads my blog - you get to read all my dither!

Rereading the first chapter of my paranormal, I've decided it is too stilted - even though I am thinking in Native American, it doesn't have to read quite so much that way - though I think it gives more of the feel of the times, and people. So that is something I need to work on! And after reading Elizabeth's Blogs, I feel like I am wasting my time writing. I can only write creative when I am in someone else's head! Otherwise all you get is this drivel, but everyone of her Blog's is interesting to read! SIGH! To be like Elizabeth, but without the kids!!! After taking care of grandkids last week and having one around this week - I don't miss the not knowing why they are crying, the smell of dirty diapers or sour milk!! But I find I do miss the eye squinting, open mouthed smiles, small arms squeezing your neck, and drooly kisses!

Well I guess I should find something constructive to do and not waste others time reading this. With luck I'll be back in my book full swing next week - after my dad and uncle leave!! Sheesh - don't these people know I have a book to write! :)


Anonymous said...

You're so LUCKY!

We too have been having beautiful weather. The sun is beaming it's rays all over the place. Unfortunately, it's making the plants release their poisonous allergy causing pollens into the air and I was in bed sick from it all day yesterday! That's the reason I live where it's cloudy and rainy a lot.

Today I was smarter and took drugs! Now I too can enjoy the sun.

Happy Day to you!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

You are way too funny, Paty. :) But sweet...I never think I have anything interesting to say. Although, writing from my character's POV on the blog now and then does stimulate the creative juices.

Enjoy that family while it's here!