Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Yee Haa!

I feel like a cowgirl again! My daughter who is the horse person is here this week and we went horse back riding this morning. It is only the third time I've been on my 5 year old! I was a little fearful at first, but he did well and she is a great teacher. I've ridden horses all my life, but never one that has had so little training. Christy gave me instructions on how to make him move without jabbing him in the sides (which gave me a wild ride the last time I was on him!) and how to turn him and get him use to leg commands. We plan to ride every morning this week while she is here, so guess not much writing will get done, but I'll feel confident enough on my horse to ride him by myself when she leaves! That has been one of my goals for this year!

I'm hoping to get back into my writing routine next week. I am listening to my Native American music and trying to get back in the muse of my paranormal.

Still waiting to hear from Erika Tsang at Avon on an e-query I sent her in January!! Can they blackball a newbie writer? That's what I feel like. It's as if someone said, "don't answer anything Paty Jager sends you!" Oh well, I'll keep waiting on the responses from three agents and two publishers. And do more research on the agent I have an interview with at nationals.

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Anonymous said...

Ride 'em Cow Paty, (oh geez, that's not what I meant, I meant it like, ride 'em Cow Girl, but l...
Oh how I get myself into these messes is beyond me. You would think I would be sick of the taste of feet by now!)

That's so cool you're learning to ride your horsey. My daughter will be so jealous of you! She just bought some more Breyer horses today and a racing tack set. She is very excited since it is the closest thing to a horse she's gonna get for a while.

My daughter would love to hang out with your daughter. Too bad they're so far apart in age! LOL

It will be fun for you to hang with your daughter this week. Don't worry about the writing, you always have that at your fingertips, but you don't always have your baby so close.

I have been a big zero on my novel writing lately, but I wrote some nice articles on some senior citizens and I got to present it to them at an honors night. It was so fun and they just loved it.

Don't worry Paty, you're not being blackballed, they can't do that, (I hope!) it's your turn soon so keep pumping out the pages.

Good to have you blogging again. I love reading them and keeping up with you!