Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I want to rant too!

Since E and B use this as a place to rant - it's my turn!
I wasted the morning (mind you it was my own option to order a dress from VS and figure out my check book) and then had crunch time to work on my WIP.

Anyway, I am sitting her, sweating bullets trying to find the right words- and the phone rings. Someone wanting to replace my windshield. I told them no thanks and hung up. Was back squeezing my small brain and using the computer Thesarsus (thank you, Alice!) when the phone rang again. I answered a little testily and it was my husband to inform me dinner needed to be 1/2 and hour later tonight. I thanked him curtly and worked at getting myself back into the moment and feelings of my wolf/hunk and the @#$% phone rang again!! This time I was not very nice answering it and my daughter in law was a bit annoyed that she was calling to tell us my Mother in law made it to Alaska fine.

Anyway, I wish the phone didn't sit right beside my computer, then maybe I wouldn't be so compelled to pick it up, but if I'm clogging up the line with my e-mail and blogging and my dh tries to call!

Anyway, that's my vent! I hate it the phone only seems to ring when the words are hard to find and the scene requires my utmost attention to detail. After all it isn't everyday a spirit watches an Indian maiden walk out of a lake after her bath with droplets of water glistening -- Aww, you get the picture.


Anonymous said...

Rant Away! This is the day for it!

I know just how you are feeling today. If it will make you feel any better I'll go eat some chocolate for you! :)

To make myself feel better, I just go into my pictures folder on my iBook and look at Gerard Butler pics. He's sooo dreamy! (How's that for sappy?)

Hope the words come soon and that people will just leave you alone!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Vent away. Seriously, what else is a blog good for?

I second Piper...I'll go have some chocolate for you as well. Maybe some wine to go with it.

And who the heck is Gerard Butler? Is he the guy from Phantom? (who we all know Piper is obsessed over...)