Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Interviews at Nationals and e-books

After reading some questions and answers on the Pro AskAnAuthor, I'm wondering about putting a list together for my interview with an agent. My typical questions are: Do you have kids? What's your favorite time of the year? I don't think that is what I should be asking an agent. What I want to know from them is will they push my writing and guide me to the highest level I can achieve. Are those too lofty to ask? They are my goals and should be the goals of someone championing my writing. The interesting thing I read was that though many agents and editors are not taking interviews they could very likely be at the conference. Time to go back through all the websites and glean info on the ones that I wanted that weren't on the list!

I'm contemplating sending the first three chapters of one of my latest westerns to Awe-Struck the e-book publisher. I think my stories dont' always fit in the mold most are looking for and that is why I get "you are a talented writer - but no thanks" "I enjoyed, but no thanks", so I'm going to give e-books a try, even though I'm not totally comfortable not having a solid page-turning book from my efforts without forking out the money to get them.

So my dilemna how much time to give the polishing effort on the old book and take away from the new one burning in my brain!


Elisabeth Naughton said...

Definitely important to have a list. I need to sit and do mine as well. Along with my business cards. Hmmm...

I don't know much about epubs, but I say go for it if you're having trouble placing that particular work with an agent or NY house.

Christina Keerins said...

Hello Mother,
I guess I need to get into the grove of reading your Blog. Alissa said it's the spot to catch up on what all you've been pondering and doing. We'll talk to you this weekend.