Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Thanks, Alice!

For the fifth time in as many minutes, Brock Hughes asked himself what this sturdy, brunette with laughing blue eyes, and a lopsided smile was doing on his threshold.
"Did you forget I was arriving today," she said in a husky voice that reminded him of the way he talked to a sick cow or horse.
"Kind of hard to forget something I didn't know."
Her eyes flashed with irritation before leveling on him. "You said to come out for a visit as soon as I could get things settled."
Brock rubbed a hand over his face. He knew good and well he didn't know this woman. And he hadn't been to town drinking since Maddie figured out why he was sick everytime after he came home.
"Honey, I don't know you from Adam." He squinted to get a better look. Maybe she was some druggy tossed out by a sour boyfriend. In these parts, places to find a phone were few and far between.
"Brock, this isn't funny."
How did she know his name when he didn't know hers?

This came to me as I was trying to go to sleep last night and when I wrote it down to get to sleep, their names came to me. Brock Hughes and Carina Valencia. And this is all Alice's fault because I hadn't given a thought to trying to write about contemporary cowboys until she put the little notion in my head, and now I can't get this "boot shootin'" hunk out of my head!! ARGH!!!
I have a wolf/spirit to satisfy!


Anonymous said...

Very good hook! Now where the hell is the rest of it?

You better get busy girl. I sure don't know where you're gonna find time, but you better get going on this one. It's a doozy!

wavybrains said...

I LOVE it! I think you need this to switch back and forth between the wolves and spirits :P Sometimes having multiple things going is GOOD. And this one sounds like a doozy :P More please. :P

Elisabeth Naughton said...

ROFL, Paty.

Since you gave them a bit of screen time, maybe they'll cooperate and quiet down for a while. Lisa's been silent lately since she knows (maybe) she's getting the next book.

(And I seriously hope that comment doesn't start her jabbering again.)

Elisabeth Naughton said...

(See, never should have said anything. Lisa's chattering away again today.)


Nicole said...

Great job, Paty! I think you're really onto something with this one, I wnat to see more!! Working on this one might be just the break you need to let your brain ponder the paranormal while you run with this one! (Been down that road a time or two as you know -- oh yeah, that's right. I'm STILL down it!) But I love this!! Come join me in contemporary-land for a while, it's kind of fun!