Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Do I allow the dark spirit to take over the heroine's brother's body? It would make an interesting scene down the road, but totally screws up some equally great scenes later on. Thus defeating the purpose of lengthening the book! But on the other hand just giving the illusion of the dark spirit taking over the brother's body would keep the reader on thier toes wondering what he was going to do next - hmmm..
Haha ha ha! (evil laugh) I do love playing puppeteer to my characters!

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Christy said...

Reminds me of Days of our Lives when Marlana become possesed. They've drug that show on for years...surely it could do the same to your book. Yeah Mama! I'm excited about you placing first in the contest. Keep pushing...one of these days I'll get to brag that my mother's books are on the best sellers list. I already talk your books up to everyone and they can't wait to read them for themselves. Love yah!