Monday, August 15, 2005

What Fun!

I finally placed first in a contest! Woo Hoo! After so many times of being a finalist and being at the bottom of the finalist pile, I am on the top! And with a book I love and am excited to get out into the world. Now my wish is to have the agent who read the finalists ask to see it! That would make the whole thing even better. We'll see what happens!

Now to get my butt in gear and finsihe polishing this puppy so I can get it sent to the agent who has already requested it!


Anonymous said...

I saw your email on the loop about placing first in the paranormal catagory Paty, CONGRATULATIONS!! WOO HOO!!!

That's such a boost to the ol ego!

Happy polishing! Get it out there girl!

Elisabeth Naughton said...


Congrats again, Paty. Way cool. :)