Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ideas vs writing time

Why is it ideas come faster than you have time to write them?

I have two great stories buzzing around in my head and two more stories (that are part of a trilogy) to get written before I can even arm wrestle the other two to decide which one to start on next! ARGH! I hate that it takes me so long to get one book done and I usually get ideas for two more while writing that one.

If an agent were to take me on and promise I could get two books a year bought, I'd be writing around the clock, and still probably have the same problem. It seems one story, will bring about a couple more when I am researching or just reading everyday articles in the paper. I have too much of a good imagination.

Looking back over the past year - if I didn't have two part time jobs, I could easily put out two books a year. Those are 90-100,000 word books. Each one I write I get faster because I catch the mistakes as I write and don't have as much clean up to do.

Bam! Another idea has struck, now I have to arm wrestle three!

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