Friday, September 23, 2005

Now What?

I've just spent six months writing a paranormal historical that was the first of a trilogy. I'm sending it out the door and wonder... do I now spend six months on the second book of the trilogy and have no one want the first book? Or should I get a synopsis written for the second and third and work on one of the other books rattling around in my head? For all I know it could be six months before I even know if anyone is even the least bit interested and then I would still have time to write the second book before the first one ever hit the shelves.

Or do I need to stay with this trilogy to keep the same voice and tone to all three books? I have all the historical information I need right at my finger tips at the moment and have been in the NP frame of mind for six months now, so the next two should flow easier????

Although my contemporary has been knocking at the back of my eyeballs wanting to come out and see the world. Should I take a chance on writing it and getting it out there while I'm waiting to hear on the paranormal?

I can work like the dickens and put out stuff fast, but darn if I can make a decision!!


Elisabeth Naughton said...

Hmmm... Good question.

If the books can stand alone, and you're chomping to write them, I say continue on. If they can't stand alone, and selling them hinges on selling the first, I'd probably wait on writing the whole thing.

Either way, I think writing a proposal for the 2nd and maybe 3rd book is a good idea (1st three chapters and a rough synopsis) just in case you get a bite on the 1st book.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Eli but I'm also very curious about your contemporary.

The little blurb that you did a few months ago was very intriguing.

You should write what is upper most in your thoughts right now, (in my humble opinion).

lennyprice14482787 said...
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