Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Moving On

Spirit of the Mountain is out the door and I've had two more partial requests.

I've decided to work on two books at once. The next in the Spirit trilogy and the contemporary since they both are vying for equal time in my head! I had two great scenes for the contemporary come to me while vacuuming and then I've thought out the beginning of the Spirit of the Lake book.

I bought a big poster sized foam core board to make into my story board. I'll use one side for the trilogy and one for the contemporary and work on which ever one is in my head at the time! Then I'll have the partial of the trilogy ready in case an agent needs it to sell the trilogy to an editor and I can send the partail of the contemporary out and see if I get any bites at Harlequin.

Now to just make time to do all of this! Usually my part time job is slower this time of year, but with my colleagues heading back to school to get their masters, I'm picking up extra work! Not my idea of fun when Oct. Nov. and Dec. are my best writing months!

So I need to get off this blog and get to making character charts and writing!

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