Thursday, October 13, 2005

Deep Breath

Okay. I'm over it. I groused enough about other people's opinions. I had such supportive comments from fellow writers and friends, and a wonderful dinner with a writer last night and then listened to Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush talk about their careers. It was very uplifting! Especially when the first thing Lisa Jackson said was: Never give up!

I didn't plan on giving up. I just want to make the next book so damn good an agent or publisher can't say no! I guess what I don't get is everyone who critiques and reads my stuff, give me two thumbs up. Then when an agent or editor doesn't like it, I get crushed. Soooo, then it makes me wonder, do my critique partners and friends just say they like it to not hurt my feelings? Is it really crap! Because the agents and editors who don't know me reject it.

NO! I don't write crap. Crap wouldn't make a critique partner beg for more or my sister-in-law cry or two other people want to throttle me for my ending!

So- all you who have rejected me - I will prevail!


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Danita Shattuck said...

Listen to Lisa Jackson, Paty. Never Give Up! (And no, no, no, you don't write crap.)
I just had a snarky squawk session on my blog about contests too. Hang in there, and keep on writing!