Monday, November 21, 2005

Chocolate time!

My Golden Heart entry is printed, copied on disc, and ready to roll out the door! I had hoped to mail it today, but with my computer malfunctions I'm going to be a day behind schedule. But it is done, and time to move on to the second of the trilogy and my contemporary. When I get my house cleaned, four pies and a cheesecake made, as well as, pumpkin bars, fudge, and a big pot of chili for the night every one arrives. So I'm thinking I won't get any more writing done this week. At least not until all the company leaves on Sunday.

But it will be fun to have both my brothers and their families, our two daughters and their families, my dad and my dh's mom. Looks like a full house and oodles of fun!

Happy Holiday to everyone!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the GH stuff gettting done but I feel so sorry for you having to do all that work for the holiday. I almost feel guilty that we're only having pizza and pop and movies for Thanksgiving. But the way we're doing it is A LOT less work! LOL

Happy Thanksgiving!

Elisabeth Naughton said...


Mine went into the mail today, too. Whew. Done. Now we wait.

Enjoy the holiday and all your family. :)

christy j carleton said...

Fingers crossed on the GH for you (as well as me) - wouldn't it be a hoot if we, being cp's, both finalled? What a grand time at national we'd have!