Friday, November 18, 2005

$&^*^%%& Computers!

I have the six partials and my synopsis for the Golden Heart printed, but not until I had to reprint several sections several times due to my computer incompetence!

I keep my book chapters in seperate documents -so- to make a single document to burn on a cd I had to cut and paste them all into one document. Even though I had the pages from each document numbered consecutively, they some how skipped pages and then wouldn't let me correct it. I spent more time today trying to get pages numbered right and then having chapters start a third of the way down the page. Every time after I made a change, I would hit save, but lo-and-behold, some of the changes I made didn't seem to get saved! Sheesh!

If all goes well and I don't take a sledgehammer to my laptop (I do need a new one as all the letters are worn off the keyboard and the internet doesn't work on it any more) I hope to have my GH entry in the mail on Monday and can forget about it until March. Then I can get back to Dove and Wewukiye! The second story of the paranormal is coming along nicely!

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Anonymous said...


Sorry about your computer problems Paty and sorry I'm laughing, but you're just too funny.

Hope it all works out for you and maybe you should give your hubby a BIG hint about a new laptop for Christmas.

Good luck!