Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Holidays and Writing

As the calendar page turned to November, I looked at my limited writing time. This is actually the time of year my part time job is less demanding, but - the holidays, baking, making gifts, decorating, having family an friends over - takes up a lot of my time. I put all my creativeness into gifts and decorating and find I zap what I need to write. I'm hoping this year will be different. I only have family coming for the Thanksgiving holiday and will have a Christmas party for the neighbors. After that I plan to spend a good part of December concentrating on my writing.

I ordered writing books by Dwight Swain, Donald Maas, and Debra Dixon. If I don't put out a book the editors love after wading through these three books, I'll know I was never destined to be published! So far I haven't fallen asleep reading Swain's book. I've found it entertaining and it re-enforced some thoughts I've had. Like the judge who thought my paranormal should start with the warrior rushing into the camp. That may have put action right on the first page, but doesn't make his announcement near as shattering to the heroine without the first bit to show her mindset. So in this case it is the author's perogative to leave it as it is. Swain gave me the authority to know when my book should start. He has enpowered me!

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Elisabeth Naughton said...

Here's hoping your holidays are fun...and still productive. :)