Thursday, November 03, 2005

Now That's Romance

Today as I was sitting at a stop sign waiting for traffic, I noticed a little, old couple near a pickup. Now I'm not being stereotypical. They were both of small stature and late 70's headed toward 80. When I first noticed them I thought they were fighting. The man had a hold of the front of the woman's coat like he was being rough with her. But he pulled the coat tight around her, drew her toward him, and kissed her firmly on the lips. When she walked away from the pickup so he could close the door, he patted her backside. After the door was shut, he hurried to catch up to her and caught her hand in his. She smiled at him like a love-sick teenager and they crossed the street holding hands and chatting like a couple of teenagers.

That's how I hope my husband and I feel at that age. And when my readers go away from my books they believe that is the kind of future my characters will have.

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Elisabeth Naughton said...

Aw, that's sweet.