Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New computer-New inspiration

I can only hope! I ordered a new laptop since mine no longer connects to the internet even with the attachment I put on it a year ago and it now no longer wants to print as well as freezes up when the mood strikes it! It's 5 years old and has been wiped out and re-whatever several times in the last two years. The last guy who worked on it said it was because it had the millenium edition program on it. Yes- I bought it in 2000!

So I orderd a new computer as my Christmas presnt and it should be here before Christmas. I got tired of my husband complaining I was at his desk and he couldn't do anything because I was in his way! He could have shoved all the stuff off my desk and worked there! LOL

Anyway, with the new computer and Feng Shui-ing my office, I'm hoping for a rush of great ideas and wonderful writing to flow from my fingertips! With a lot of deep down hard work and soul searching.

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Elisabeth Naughton said...

Argh. Laptops are not high on my list. Took mine in because it was having power issues. They (Best Buy where I bought it) sent it up to Seattle for service. Luckily, Ihavetheold laptop I can type on, butthekeys stickand (can you tell?)and it's S-L-O-W...not tomention the internet connection (cableorwireless) sucks.

Anyhoo...got my computer backMonday night and foundthe power issuewas fixed but VOILA they *&^&! broke the LCD screen so I had to send it out AGAIN.


And I have a request...that I should be workingon...I swear Ihate technology. You'll probably get your new laptop before mine evergets fixed!!