Friday, February 17, 2006

Second Glance

Now that the red haze has receded and I took another look at the comments (I'm still miffed about the stereotype and dialogue) , I did find some wisdom in the words of one of the judges from the Gotcha contest. And I have begun the ordeal of ripping my first chapter apart and rewriting.

Yes, Virginia, I can take criticism. LOL I just have to step back a day or two and re-evaluate. All the judges said I had great storytelling abilities and the story was new and different. BUT - the pubbed judge said the beginning should start with her vision or alluding to the vision to make sense of her feelings later.

Anyway in my limited writing time the last few days (since I was gone for 6 days my dh thinks I should spend every moment he is home by his side) I am slowly dissecting, rearranging, and rewriting. With this change may actually come another chapter increasing my word lenght! Thank you Eli for showing me how to make one document of my manuscript, for that is what I am doing as I revise this story.

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Elisabeth Naughton said...

Any time, babe. ;)

I'm glad you're able to see the positive in the comments you got back. It is so hard to look at our work objectively, esp. when the comments aren't what we want to hear.

Linda posted about this very topic over on Romance Worth Killing For today. (And yeah, I'm the big bad meanie she mentions in that post. LOL)