Tuesday, February 21, 2006

UGH Moment

I've been chopping, cutting, pasting, rethinking words and changing the beginning of the paranormal historical all due to the last contest I entered it in. Although I liked the slow lyrical quality of the beginning before, this new version does smack the reader in the face with the conflict where before I alluded to it.

Now the ugh moment! This is much better than the full and partial that I have out at agents. And the partial sitting either on an editor's desk or in the slush pile. Now I'm kicking myself that those people will think I'm not worth looking at anything else I might send across their desks.

But the good news is - I like the changes, just wish it hadn't dragged me away from the contemporary when I was so close to the end of it.

Someone please take these characters from my head for a while so I can get some quality writing time without feeling like I'm neglecting them!

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Elisabeth Naughton said...

Oh, man. Do I know that feeling! I sent out a partil of my GH entry to an agent i'd love to land, then just before the GH deadline made a major revision to the intro. And then I kicked myself that it was with said-agent without that addition.


I think it happens to all of us. If you stress over what you have out there, it'll just make you crazy.