Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I'm Free!

After a grueling week of work, I now have a week to write!

The sun is illuminating the snow peaks on the mountains and spilling through my windows, dragging my sluggish body to life. With work burdens off me and a beautiful day blooming, my sights are set on a much needed walk and to step back into the lives of my characters.

After I clean up the mess my puppy "Tink" has made. I never knew there were so many things at her level that could be chewed, ripped, and scattered about the house! And these are all things that aren't needed. Her basket is now nothing more than a base. If she sees you throw a wadded up piece of paper in the wastebasket in the office, she retrieves it and shreds it. I gave her an old slipper to chew on rather than the ones on my feet, and she has left blue fuzz everywhere! Not to mention she likes to mutilate toilet paper tubes! But I guess this is all better than my furniture!

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