Friday, February 24, 2006

Thoughts & Musings

I've been toying with the idea I need an agent to get my historical paranormal to the publishing houses I want, and think would be the best for these books. With the information coming over the chapter loop lately, I now have several new agencies to add to the list of where I want to send it.

But first I need to go over it one more time, being more concise with the wording and hopefully adding length. With each book, I grow as a writer and with that growth I want to go back and rewrite all the books I've ever written, but then the ones still in my head call out to me and I think, "Oh, I'll rewrite those when I run out of ideas." At this point, I don't think I'll ever run out of ideas.

If this world would just stop, no bills coming in and no family needing me, I could sit blissfully here at my desk, my fingers on the keyboard, and tap out all the stories that fill my head and my heart.

*sigh* Just another fantasy for my books!


Lisa Pulliam said...

Hey Paty!

I saw your blog over at Elisabeth's. She found me through a post on another site. This romance world seems to be getting smaller and smaller as I read more blogs and run into people. Nice to know I'm running into people I actually know in person :-) Yeah MWVRWA!

Those agencies that have been recommended on the loop looked pretty good. That sounds like a good avenue to explore. Keep us posted on your progress :-)

How's it going on the WIP you used for story magic at the retreat? I loved it! Very original, something I would definitely read, and BUY when it gets published.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Get through your busy weekend, then you'll be able to refocus on the wip. :)