Friday, March 31, 2006

Out the door

The last of the agent queries are headed out the door today. Now I'm working on one for the publishing house Lisa mentioned. They have very strict submission guidelines, so I have to do a little more work to get a submission to them. Like a chapter by chapter synopsis! That means I have to read a chapter, write the synopsis, because I don't do anything that intensive before I write the darn thing!

I start with an idea, characters, the beginning and knowing how it will end. Maybe a couple turning points. Then I sit down and write. Now if I was a person who plotted the whole thing out before I wrote, I'd have that chapter by chapter synopsis already! LOL

Well, off to read and synop!


Lisa Pulliam said...

Yikes! Chapter by chapter? You're kickin butt on getting those queries out :-) As I read over and over, so much of it is a matter of numbers to find the right fit. Keep submitting and you'll get it.

Anonymous said...

You're one dedicated chick Paty! ;)

Happy synopping!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Hey there...

Email me. My emails to you keep bouncing back. Something's up.