Sunday, June 04, 2006

Does chasing cows count?

Saturday I didn't get a chance to walk. It was a long day at a first aid class, I was signed up for by a colleague at work and then she was sick and didn't go! So I learned all the new CPR stuff so I can now save a life. then I went from the class to a wedding shower.

But today - We rounded up the cows and calves so a man who is thinking about buying the calves could look at them. We walked all the way to the far fence 1 mile, then tried to get a cow back that was over conversing with the neighbors, then I trailed behind the herd while my dh walked toward the gate calling them. Yes, we have cows that come when he calls. Because usually when he calls we are movimg them to better pasture. And then later in the afternoon I walked back from the back part or the property, so I imagine I managed at least two miles today just with doing what needed to be done!

I plan to get back to writing tomorrow afternoon (I have to go to work in the morning). Then next weekend my oldest daughter and her family and I are going to my dad's and painting his kitchen and dining room. It hasn't been repainted since he and my mom remodeled it for my wedding. (27 years ago!) He is going to be gone on a trip so he'll be surprised when he gets back! Actually it was my dayghter's idea since we are having a family reunion at my dad's house this summer. He has let things go and we want to spruce the place up for the reunion.

The rest of my year is looking waaaaay to busy for my liking! And this is only half way!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd say that totally counts! And aren't cows silly. LOL

I know what you mean about the year being too full already. Sheesh! What do we get ourselves into?

Hope you get your walking in today. As soon as schools out I'll be walking everyday. Right now I do step aerobics and Callanetics. But soon the track at the school will be kid free again and I can go everyday.

I won't be getting any writing done this week but I've already got my 5 pages for my June goal done! Yippee!

Hope you get all the writing done you want and happy painting. You and Eli are just painting up a storm this year!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

That's sweet of you re: the painting. I bet he'll love that.

Yeah, I think chasing cows totally counts. ;)

Good luck getting back to writing. I'm jealous. I have a bunch of things I promised to do before I started the new wip and I'm itching to get going!