Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Growing, learning, & feeling semi-productive

My position as Associate Editor at Wild Rose Press is giving me confidence. Not only as a writer, but as a person who can hold my own in a writing related conversation.

That is as long as no one starts spouting authors and likening their work to this and that. I tend to stick to authors I like and don't branch out and read everyone that is mentioned or I meet. Some times I wonder about my taste. I have a hard time reading some of the big name authors and usually end up putting their books down. If I don't connect with the H/H or the situation doesn't grab my attention, I'm out of there, I don't care how multi-published or award winning the writer is. I don't have time to read something that I'm not interested in.

I'm getting antsy about my books coming out. One should have been this month, but there have been some set backs. I hope they are both ready by the Chapter conference (Sept. 23rd ) so I can have a book signing and learn all the do's and dont's among friends!

I had some semi-good news from an agent who is contemplating taking me on. I called to see the status with her and told her what I'd sent her a year ago had changed. She asked that I FedEX the revised manuscript to her and if I didn't hear from her in three weeks of receiving it to e-mail. I really want my Spirit trilogy to go to a bigger publishing house. And the only way I will get it in front of the right people is with an agent.

What has been happening with all of your writing lives?

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Elisabeth Naughton said...

Way to go about the editor stuff. I bet that's a great feeling. I still feel like I know nothing half the time.

Keep us updated on the possible agent-landing. That's so exciting! I have everything crossed for you. :)