Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Online chats

I have two online chats I've been invited to attend tonight. Problem 1 - my dh just returned home from a not so good trip to bury his uncle and I don't want to sit at the computer all evening. #2 - still have four grandkids in the house which makes concentrating hard. (though I did manage to whip through the galleys of MIP in three days) Thanks to my daughter who understands working from home!

I hate to miss the first night of the WRP chat room, but will happen every Tuesday night, so I can catch them next week if I'm home. And I've yet to make it to the HHRW chats, but I am now the publicity chair for HHRW and I'd like to get my name out there a little more with two books coming out.

But I guess one more week and one more month won't matter. No one is going to go out and purchase my book with seeing my name on a chat one time anyway. So I might as well wait until next week for the WRP chat and next month for the HHRW chat!

I turned the galleys in and then RJ sent back the changes for me to look at one more time. I hope I can just read through this one and not find anything wrong!

Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...


I'm sending you four leaf clovers, rabbits feet, lucky number 7's, lucky leprachaun's, and lady luck your way!

Whew... that's a lotta luck!