Friday, September 01, 2006

I need to be more anal

I finished the galleys for Marshal in Petticoats and am now working on the edits from the editor for Gambling on an Angel. And do you know how many times I used a version of "look" in the first three chapters! Aii Yi Yii! And do you know how many times I had already gone through that manuscript before I sent it? I am learning something about myself as I go through this publishing thing - I do not take enough time on the little things. I like to splash the pages with my characters and my story and color it up. Make the chracters memorable, add scene, dialogue, but dang, I hate to look for redundant words, ly words, and anything else that takes time and not creativity. It's the same reason I don't like to do anything that requires meticulous work. I want an end product in a hurry and don't ask me to clean up the glue smudges or take out the basting! LOL

What I've learned: though I don't mind looking for the little things in someone else's work - I HATE doing it in mine! But now that I know that, just like everything else I've learned along the way to becoming published, I'll be looking for all those things and soon it will become second nature as I write and it won't be so tedious in the final edits.

I hope!

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Elisabeth Naughton said...

ROFL. I just went to a sex-toy party this week, and your title has all kinds of double connotations going off in my head.


Okay, mind out of the gutter...

At least the edits you're talking about are minor. It's always easy to go back and look for -ly words, overused words, etc. And fixing those doesn't require a major rewrite. Consider yourself lucky. ;)

Good luck with the edits on the second book!!