Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bummed, pissed, discouraged

All of the above! I found out today, it will be another month before I get my print book. I'm still 7-10 days out for the proof and then I can order! Supposedly if WRP had stayed with the original press I'd have my books, but they moved to one who gives the bookstores a better cut. Which is good too, but I'd wished I known this before I forked out money to go to a conference, believing I'd be able to participate in the booksigning! That's money I could have saved and used somewhere else! Now I'm headed to a conference that I was all pumped about and all I can see is money going down the drain!

And with this info, it means my second book won't be in print till probably the end of November! Or even December!

I know I need to get over it and get to editing and writing, but it's like a special event - you are so hyped up to the day and the event then when it's over it's total let down, only I DIDN'T GET THE EVENT! I GOT THE LET DOWN!

Sorry- I'm not generally this pissy. Must be all that darn caffiene I drank on the way home from the chapter meeting to stay awake and then couldn't sleep when I got home!


Anonymous said...

Aw Paty, this really sucks. I'm sorry. I was really looking forward to you getting your books too. Dang it!

Can you cancel going to Emerald City? Get your money back?

And getting no sleep last night just doubles this big disappointment. I am really sorry for you. You have every right to feel "Bummed, pissed, and discouraged"! I second your "emotions"! LOL

I hope something good will come out of all of this crap you're going through. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Sorry girlfriend! Now go take a nap.

Lisa Pulliam said...

I'm so sorry Paty! That's incredibly frustrating. But to make the best of it, pass out as many promotional things as you can since people can still go online to buy it. Are you able to change the quantity of your order, or are you still wanting the same?