Monday, October 16, 2006

On my toes.

Trying to keep up with two blogs and do everything else writing related is keeping me on my toes! I can hardly wait until I'm through with my day job, so I have more time. I don't understand these people who belong to several blogs, loops, and groups. I can't keep up with what I'm on and it isn't that much, I don't think???

I'm a board member of two RWA chapters, on three blogs, and belong to 11 yahoo loops.(not all active) Trying to keep up with everything is making me crazy along with working on promotion for my book and editing for The Wild Rose Press and trying to write.

Do you feel pulled in multiple directions, not just with your writing, but your family as well? If so how do you stay sane?


Lisa Pulliam said...

You are so close to the day job ending! Any closer to a replacement? Hmmm, what keeps me sane. The ladies from MWV RWA ;-) Gotta love Yahoo messenger.

Anonymous said...

What keeps me sane? Who said I am? bwahahaha!

No, really, I'm totally pickin up what yer putting down girlfriend. It's crazy! When I was in the middle of editing that 622 page manuscript the other day, preparing food for Michayla's funeral, attending the funeral, running my kids in 4 different directions, etc., I really did wonder if I was going to lose it.

The day of the funeral was my day to blog last week and I didn't get to the blog until after 10:00 pm. When I posted it was toally screwed up with those things yours had, and when I tried to fix it, my entire blog post was deleted. ACK! It was a nightmare. I gave up and went to bed.

So, the way I stay sane...I just say..."Oh well, sometimes ya just gotta skip stuff and hope people love ya enough to understand".

Okay, gotta go write while I have some time.

See ya tonight!

Paty Jager said...

Lisa, Yes! I have a replacement and she'll come on board in mid-November. And after this month the day job will actually slow down.

Piper, when I read about your days, I some time wonder why I complain! LOL It's funny, when I was going four different directions when the kids were home I never felt as frazzled as I get now and I'm the only one I'm chasing after!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Priorities. Put first what's most important. If you don't get to the rest, the world will still turn, the sun will still rise and life will go on.

For you, that's easy. Put the dealines first. Loops and emails and blogs (you don't have a deadline for) can wait.

I struggle too, which is one of the reasons I'm not very active on the loops anymore. Although in the back of my head, I know I should be because it's great for promotion. Maybe when the book sells I'll work harder on that one. ;)