Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yellow Rose

I have been asked to also be an editor for the Yellow Rose line at Wild Rose Press. I'm honored to be asked, but am wondering if I have the time to work on two lines. It's the contemporary cowboy line and everyone knows I love cowboys no matter what time period! LOL

So today as I push through all I need to get done, I will be deciding if I want to take on another line, and if I can give both lines and my writing what they all deserve to make them the best I have.


Lisa Pulliam said...

That's a tough decisions. Is the submission load heavier or lighter than the Cactus line? Do you think they'd let you hold off until your day job ends?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Cool! I think you should do it! Well, if you feel you can balance your time good enough.

It could be a real great tool for writing contemporaries yourself. Great practice. Know what I mean?

But don't over-load yourself. Your getting rid of your day job so you can have more time to devote to writing. Good luck with your decision. And congratulations on the offer!

Paty Jager said...

Money wise I'm thinking I'm going to take it. Yellow Rose has more submissions and more contracts go out than I've had at Cactus. And losing one job, I could sure use the extra income. Especially if I want to go on all the retreats! :)

If I can just keep my head above water until January I think I'll be fine.

wavybrains said...

That's great news that they asked you and even better news that you think you will take it! Paty, no one deserves success more than you and I know you will do a fabulous job. I'm sure January seems reeeeeeeeeeeeally far away right now though :) But it will get here soon enough :P