Thursday, November 16, 2006

Break through

I had a really good writing day yesterday. I finally broke through the funk I've been feeling since getting back into the second book of my spirit trilogy. I'm not sure if the characters are coming back to me or if it was because it was an action scene, which ratcheted up the emotions and the movement.

Whatever the reason I'm back on a roll and it feels good!

Which do you prefer to write - Action or Emotional scenes?


wavybrains said...

Yay! Paty! Back on track feels so good!

My favorite thing to write is dialogue. After that, action scenes--the plot points on my outline always come easiest. Action that has high emotional drama seems to flow. My least favorite thing to write are transitions--scene openers and closers, seques, falling action. Blah.

Lisa Pulliam said...

That's great! Good job :-) I'm with Bethany, my fave is dialogue. It flows more. Most of my first drafts are pure dialogue. Which makes editing a beotch.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Depends on my mood. Sometimes I crave the action, sometimes the emotion. Either way, I enjoy editing and adding those important layers way more than writing the first draft.

Glad to hear you're in the groove!!