Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pick Your Fave Pic

Danita graciously took pictures of me this past weekend so I would have something new to add to my newly revamped website. Only my daughter thinks they all make my face fat and doesn't like any of them. (She's the one revamping my site)

So, what do you think? The first picture or the second or none at all to put on my website?


Lisa Pulliam said...

Well, since the sun was behind the photographer in the shots your eyes are squinting. It would be better if you weren't squinting. But out of the two, I like the second because it's more candid.

wavybrains said...

I like the second as well. I love Candid's and I love black and white. Perfect for the website. If you were using the photo for the back of a book cover though, I might use the first because it is a bit more crisp.

Anonymous said...

Black and white is always my favorite, and I don't think your face looks fat Paty. They are both cute pictures, but the black and white does it for me. :)

Elisabeth Naughton said...

I like the second one, too, but I'd rather see you looking at the camera.

And your daughter's wrong - your face doesn't look fat at all. You have a beautiful smile.

Hey, I had a thought...maybe your publisher needs to fly you to NY for a professional photo shoot ala Susan Wiggs? Think WRP will spring for it????

Paty Jager said...

ROFLOL- Sure Eli, WRP will send me to NY for Professional photos!

I like the B&W one myself. But I have another photo shoot with Danita this Tuesday, so maybe I can get some shots without the sun in my face so I'm not squinting. And I'll fast until then so I don't look fat!

Lisa Pulliam said...

You don't look fat, Paty. Knock it off :-)