Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Holidays, hassle, and mayhem!

I spent the morning on editor stuff and now I have to head to Bend to finish the Christmas shopping so I can get packages in the mail to Alaska. I have a hectic two weeks ahead of me. I have a party that is being hosted at my house this Saturday afternoon, a dinner to go to Sat. night. The Chapter party, and then Hubby is whisking me away for a few days, then back and my last week of work!

I'm taking my editing stuff and my WIP with me on the trip. Lots of driving time. Hence reading and writing time. But my dh has decided we will take Tink. Now she only weighs 12 lbs max and takes up little space. We'll have her kennel to keep her in at the motels and when we are busy, BUT who do you think will have to potty her and put up with her while the dh drives??? This is kind of like taking children on a romantic vacation. Only I can at least throw the dog in the kennel! LOL

Anyway, I hope to get some quality writing in and spend the week before Christmas- you guessed it - Writing!

Is this month brimming over for you as well?


Anonymous said...

Wow girl! You are busy this season. I hope you have a great trip despite the fact that you have to bring along Tink. I love your comment about being able to throw her in the kennel. I've often wished I could just kennel my kids and head out on a romantic vacation. :)

This month isn't crazy busy for me, just kinda busy. But having my five kids at home for half a month is going to make up for not having to run all over the country. We are leaving for Christmas this year though. We're going to Southern Oregon to visit my side of the clan. My mom's insisted this year is her turn. LOL

We're taking our travel trailer so when I need to escape all the relatives I'll go hide in trailer bedroom, shut the curtain and write. :)

Don't wear yourself out this season! Happy Holidays!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Seems like it, yes! I keep thinking of all the things on our calendar. Luckily, most of it is weekend stuff - so far. We'll see.

Try to stay sane. Looking forward to seeing you next week.