Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dazzling - Not!

I figure since this will be the last blog for a while, I need to make it thought provoking, fun, and ???? LOL

Well, I haven't had any blips in the brain of anything earth-shattering or philosophical.

I'm sending my cowboy contemporary to the Harlequin contest. It doesn't cost anything but the postage and the story fits the American line since I took out the stalker per a harlequin editor's suggestion. I'm working on the next Halsey brother book, waiting to hear back on queries sent on the first spirit book, working on PR for my books, and finishing stuffed lions I'm making for the grandkids.

When I return from my trip, I should be able to order Gambling On An Angel in print. That's cool! Once I can, I'll call the book store in the community where I grew up and see if they want to do a book signing. Karen and I are trying to get an author panel set up at B&N in February and we may have a spot on Good Morning Central Oregon the end of the month or first of January. I'm also looking into an ad in Romance Sells, and Karen is looking into us doing a virtual book tour.

So even though I feel like not much writing is getting done, I have a lot of other writing related things going on. And I only have one more day left of work for the extension service! Yipee! People ask if I'm sad to leave my 4-H position. I have been so burned out the last two years that "NO, I am not sorry to go" Everyone acts like I'm leaving the area and they'll never see me again, but I'm still a leader and will still be at functions.

All you writers who read this I expect to hear all about the writing you're doing while I'm gone - Piper, Eli, Bethany, Lisa, Nic, CJ - that means all of you! And my family and friends who read this - I want to hear what you are doing to make this holiday special.

I'll be working on a synopsis, reading two TWRP submissions and working on my book on this trip, so I expect the rest of you to be busy as well!


Anonymous said...

Geez, you're bossy. LOL

I'm going to work on my contemporary first person WIP. I'm thinking of targeting TWRP's Last Rose of Summer line. So that's what's up my sleeve.

Have fun with all the busy stuff you'll be doing this December. See you tomorrow!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

This. Damn. Proposal. (That was the sound of my blood spilling out on the floor).

Your promotional stuff sounds great. I hope it all gets scheduled and worked out.

Have a great time on your trip!