Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hit the keyboard

Okay, the holidays are over, one part time job is no longer, and it's time to get down to setting a writing and editing schedule and getting some sizable writing and editing done.

I have a long list of things pertaining to my writing to get done in January. I could make them my resolutions, but I don't do resolutions. So I'll just make a check off list. I'm trying to decide if I should put the list on here and have you who read this keep tabs on my to make sure I get it done, BUT since I am a total list person, as long as I don't lose the list, I know it will accomplish everything in time.

Back to resolutions - do you make them and if so how many over the years have you actually kept or done?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paty! Well, I don't really make resolutions either, but I do make lists. As far as accomplishing the things on the list, yeah, I seem to get er done if I writer er down. LOL

I still need to make this years list. Today is New Year's Day and my dh and the kids are all out of the house right now. My dd is with her new horse and my boys and their dad went target shooting. So all is quiet and perfect for making a new list for the year.

Good luck with your list! I hope you accomplish all you set out to do this year and that your promoting will get you out there where you want to be!