Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Promo Whirlwind

I'm in either promo heaven or hell - I haven't decided which. LOL

I received an e-mail (thank you Karen)from the host of the daily Television show Good Morning Central Oregon asking if I would like to talk about my latest book on her show. Would I!! Of course I replied I'd be delighted. It is 23 days away! Now I have to lose weight, find a nice outfit in my closet, and get a media kit put together and to her along with my books.

Now, this is all good. I keep telling myself that as I try to pull together enough interesting information to put in a bio. Yuck- I am one un-noteworthy person!

Then I heard back from the owners of the wine shop where Karen had her book signing and they would love to have me in January. I suggested a date after my TV appearance so I can plug the wine shop as well as my signing on the TV.

Now, I also need to get promo stuff to her - ditto the info I am taking to the TV host - so that's not so bad - if I could just get this darn bio written! I have the book info - that' s not a problem cover blurbs, reviews (wish I had one back from onceuponaromance for Gambling), pictures of the covers.

Since I'm a fiction writer can I make up my bio???


wavybrains said...

GREAT news Paty. And write your bio like you are writing the bio of your favorite Heroine. This will make YOUR story compelling and interesting. Stress the things that make you unique! Good luck!

Paty Jager said...

Thanks Wavy, I'll try putting the heroine in my shoes.... Man is she boring! How can she be a romance writer when she has such a boring mundane life? Oops, I mean. She has traveled the county listening finding interesting stories to contribute to the local paper as a freelance reporter. In her quest she found interesting facts she later embellished into romantic western sagas.

Like that?? :)

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Yippie, Paty! That's awesome news all around. We don't get that show here (obviously) so be sure to record it and show all of us at the next meeting!

Paty Jager said...

Danita has already threatened me if I don't tape the show. Sheesh.