Monday, March 19, 2007

Another week, Another post

I did a quick look at my contemporary cowboy story this weekend and just sent it off for consideration at The Wild Rose Press. We'll see if they like it.

Had an interesting trip over the weekend to look at property farther east. My DH wants to retire at 60 at the latest, in a smaller community where he can have some hay ground to dink with, but on with pivot irrigation so we aren't tied to it. So we looked at 280 acres over the weekend. It has some great house sites on it, 40 acres of ground he can hay. Awesome views of the Steens and Strawberry mountains. Also Malheur lake and the farm ground in the valley. I can see some possibilities with this piece of land. But I also see a slight disadvantage in the fact we would be 1 hour from a town with the population of 4000 and nearly three hours from larger cities. However, it is the solitude we both seek.

If you had the choice, big city or isolation? Which is your preference?

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Christy Keerins said...

Isolation is the way to go! I'd rather be a hermit and away from it all then around people. It gets to stuffy in my town of 8,000.