Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lucky you!

It's Wednesday and I'm avoiding everything I need to do. Like work on my WIP. I did write ten pages this morning and have kind of fizzled this afternoon, so I figured why not update the Blog! That's what they are for right? To use as avoidance devices.

I should go to town and find a blouse to go with the skirt I made for the Reader's Luncheon on Saturday, but I'm stalling until Friday. I also need to get some posters made for my May book signing - again- don't want to go to town. And I need to get some yummy chocolate to go in my basket/vase for the Reader's Luncheon - don't want to go to town. :) Are you seeing a pattern here! I don't want to go to town. It means changing clothes, actually doing something with my hair, and last of all, having to deal with people!

Tomorrow evening is the local writers meeting, I plan to go to that. That will be the breaking of the ice and then I can go to town on Friday and do all the things on my list.

So what do you do to avoid whatever it is you are avoiding?


wavybrains said...

Surf. Updating the blog is what I do when I'm productive :) When I'm avoiding things I come up with inane things to research on google. I really really really want to learn to be one of those women who cleans to avoid things. That would be nice :)

Paty Jager said...

I only clean house to avoid getting a disease! LOL I really had a productive day yesterday. 10 pages on WIP, edited a short for TWRP, put labels on postcards to send about upcoming book signings, sent a PR story to the newspaper, and did all the house things and kept the animals happy with food and water.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...avoidance. Yeah, I'm pretty good at it.

To avoid life altogether I watch DVD's of Gilmore Girls. To avoid housework I read blogs. To avoid writing I read. To avoid going to town I clean the house. I hate going to town too, Paty. I only do it because everyone starts whining about not having any food to eat or toilet paper. LOL Okay, the toilet paper comment wasn't true, but the food thing was. :)

Glad your day turned out productive and that you got 10 pages done on your WIP.

Now I should stop avoiding the treadmill and get on it. :)