Friday, May 18, 2007

TaDa TaTaTaDa Friday Five!

Here I go - my Friday Five this week are things that make me cry. Now I have never been a blubbering fool. As a kid I'd take my lickins and not even bat an eyelash- but the one time I laughed afterwards... well, let's just say I didn't do that again! Since hitting a certain stage in my body's development (peri-menopause) I've notice I cry over just about anything! So here are the things that made me cry lately.

1) Being happy that Jordin in is the final two on American Idol.

2) Watching my granddaughter's hug one another just because they wanted to.

3) Seeing photos of the grandsons in Alaska and seeing the mischief in their eyes.

4) Receiving photos of my other grandkids who are finally looking happy.

5) Receiving a Mother's Day card from my oldest son and having him say he's sorry for having taken me for granted and saying I'm the best Mom in the world. Sniff... It still makes me cry! After all he has gone through this past year- He's finally being the strong individual his father and I raised and it makes my heart happy to see he is finally finding a little happiness in his adult life.

What makes you cry? Or laugh? I know me and my strange reactions to things. Hey! It's the hormones!

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Nicole McCaffrey said...

I admit it--I'm a weeper, too! If I'm tired, it's worse, but yes, certain times of the month I'm just an ol' puddle of tears.

Today it was watching my youngest son and my mom sitting together coloring dinosaurs on a placemat while waiting for lunch to be served. His sweet, soft little baby hands and mom's, which are starting to show her age. Awww, crikey, here I go again -- anyone got a Kleenex?