Monday, May 21, 2007

Edits, Edits

I have my second round of edits back on Perfectly Good Nanny to be out in e-book in September. Or sooner depending on how it all plays out. But Wild Rose Press is now holding print books until six months after the e-book comes out, so I can back off a little on getting promotional materials for PGN. I'll get some to send to conferences with e-book available, but will wait on the print book stuff until after the first of the year, which sounds far off, but this year has flown by so far!

I'm liking the edits that are coming out on this book. I was a little skeptical due to the fact it is a contemporary and I usually write historical(see my website), but I think I pulled it off! At least the editor I'm working with likes it! :)

I wish I had a cover or something to give you about this book, but it hasn't been worked up yet. So I'll just give you my favorite cowboy picture I have in my photo collection. Yum!

Oh! And before I forget, I've only had one person enter my May contest at my website. Enter the contest and win a book, chocolate, and other goodies, just like Mindy did last month! Who, by the way, wrote me my first e-mail fan letter telling me she loved Gambling on an Angel!

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