Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Walls & Brainstorming

I hit a wall yesterday in my WIP. (Outlaw in Petticoats) I"d written myself into a corner and was frustrated that I had. I found only one person I could IM- poor Eli! But she graciously let me run at the fingers ;) and before long I'd talked myself out of the corner and knew the direction I wanted to go and where I had to back up. Thanks Eli!

A whole chapter sprung from that inspiration and set the rest of the book a buzz in my head even as I reposed in bed last night, yawning, waiting for sleep to take me away. It's been a while since this book fully took over my thoughts. So, yesterday was a VERY good writing day! I hope to make today just as productive. But as I am nearing the end of this book- the next Petticoat book is taking root in my mind as well as thinking I want to get the kinks worked out of the spirit book. So, though one is flowing off my fingers tips, the others are percolating in the back of my brain!

And people wonder why writers are schizo!

How many books to you have brewing in your head at once, if you're a writer? If you're not a writer, do you have multiple tasks, ideas, thoughts swarming in your head that keep you always thinking?

PS: felt like eye- candy today! This would get me to go fishing!!


Elisabeth Naughton said...

OMG. My eyes are burning!

What was the question? Sorry. Distracted.

Okay, at the moment I'm determined to stay focused on the wip, but I have three other book ideas twirling through my head demanding attention now and then. After that I have 3 other ideas I've pushed to the back of my brain that pop up at inopportune moments. I think this is something NY published writers have to juggle all the time because as one book is being finished they're putting together proposals for others and plotting even more in their head. It's a never-ending process.

Paty Jager said...

Yeah- I kind of like this photo! ;)

I guess all these books and ideas in my head are getting me ready for the big time! LOL

Nicole McCaffrey said...

At any given time there are at least three vying for front burner placement, and a dozen or more on back burner just waiting for the spark to ignite them, LOL.

Hey, great eye candy. I'm going to have to come visit your candy dish, girlfriend!

Paty Jager said...

Glad you liked the photo! He's on my desk top!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice ass on that fisherman. I wonder what sort of bait he's using? LOL

Yeah, I usually have too many ideas floating around in my brain, but I write the gist of them down and save them in a folder for later. :)

Glad you worked your way out of the corner. Eli's a wealth of help, ain't she?!! :)