Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The End

I have finished the first draft of Outlaw in Petticoats! The ending is a little sparse, but with the next run through, I'll be able to add and give it more depth. The ending gave me some insight into some matters I need to address earlier in the book and with that should flesh out the ending a little more.

Today is a run-around day! 4-H sewing meeting, purchasing my b-day present, and getting groceries. That's on my top ten list of things I don't like to do! Grocery shopping! If I can go at 7 in the morning I don't mind it. There's very few other people in the store and the clerks are chatting waiting for people to check out. Going the middle of the day is my least favorite time. Parking is hazardous, trying to maneuver a cart inside the store is hazardous. And what's with the mile long carts that look like cars and have six kids hanging off of them and the little, tiny mother who can't even push the darn thing?

Hope you are all having a fantabulous day and even better week!


wavybrains said...

Congrats Paty! I'll put this on next Tuesday's blog! You rock!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Way to go, Paty!! You beat me! ROFL.

I am the mother with the kids hanging out of the cart. All I can say is thank God for those things. At least I can keep them all in one place while I try to refill our barren cupboards. Without those long, bus-like contraptions, my kids would be running amuck in the store. ;)