Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Five- Downers

I don't usually post anything negative, or usually don't, but for some reason it just seemed like today was the day to do it.

So the five downers this week:

1) The county has given us 60 days to get the old mobile home off our property after charging us residence taxes on it for the last three years since we built our new house.

2) A part time job I had hoped would subsidize my writing hasn't manifested.

3) I'm going to plant some beautiful flowers in pots and I know it will only be a matter of time and they will all be eaten down to nubs by the deer.

4) A sow we thought was bred is not. (one of my extra sources of income)

5) And the mainline from the pump to the field has a leak.

You'll notice none of these (well except for some extra money for writing) have nothing to do with writing. That is going along swimmingly!

Have a great weekend and think of us tearing apart a vintage mobile home!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the downers, geez. That sucks that you have to tear down the mobile home and haul it off. Waaay too much work.

Sorry about the part time job not coming to fruition. That sucks too.

Have a gun? Shoot the damn deer. LOL

Sorry about the piggy not being knocked up.

Sorry about the leak, too.

Big cyber hug for all the crap that's happening and I hope it gets better and doesn't end up costing as much as it sounds like it's going to.

Keeping fingers crossed!

wavybrains said...

Sorry that life is sucky, but so happy that at least you have your writing!!

Paty Jager said...

I've been shooting the deer with a BB gun- But they usually sneak in when I'm asleep.

My DH talked to a guy who will come in and crunch the MH with some machine, after I take the aluminum siding off. (It's worth a nice chuck of change right now)

As for the leak, we'll get to it when we can shut the pump off, and the Pig hopefully got bred this time around. And the part-time job, well it looks like I'll be peeling aluminum. LOL

But like I said at least the writing is going well. I've written about 30 pages this week! Very cool!