Monday, June 04, 2007

Web Contest

I'm finally getting people to enter my website contest! The last few online chats I've been on, I've been pushing my contest and I've have mucho hits on my website and I had twenty people enter my May contest! Which is awesome! I love giving things away. Usually it's one of my books, chocolate, and little westerny items. As well as info about my books.

The best part about these contests is keeping my eyes open for "deals" on things that I can add to "contest stash". I have pencils, bandannas, candles, chocolate, a picture frame - I spotted some cute little note pads in a magazine that I'll order along with a couple other items. But I'm always on the lookout for inexpensive, yet, nice items to toss in a winners envelope.

But I did learn my lesson for online chat contests! My first winner of an online chat contest was from Finland! It cost me way more to ship the goodies than it goodies themselves - so now I give a pdf of the book I showcase to the winner. Doesn't cost me a thing! Or I may just send promo stuff and not a book and too many chocolates! Although I received a very nice thank you and how it felt like Christmas opening her package!

What do you like to get when you win a contest? - Besides money! LOL


wavybrains said...

I love getting things that are packaged in a neat way! I've won a few knitting blog contests, and I love when things are shipped in a fun way--like your winner said--it feels like Christmas!

Paty Jager said...

I love Christmas- and making a normal day feel like Christmas for my readers or website visitors makes me happy!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

I love little sample goodies -- things that I don't have to feel guilty keeping "just for me" -- lotions, candies, coffees, etc. Bigger things I feel obligated to share. Besides, with little things you can put more in and it feels more special if you get a whole bunch of little things than it does to get one or two big things. IMHO, of course.