Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Five - Already!

Wow, another Friday and another Five things to come up with. Hmmm...
I guess it will be Five things I learned this week.

1) I really need to rake hay when I'm having writing issues.

2) Lucy (the sow) gets VERY upset when her piglets squeal. (We had to clip their teeth and give them iron)

3) Don't hold Tink and dig for cheat in Boots's feet. (Tink moved and Boots nipped at her and got me. )

4) I don't write/work well in a house that is 90 degrees. (the heat pump went out on the 100 degree day)

5) I'm breaking out of my shell more and more. I've been a moderator all week at TWRP yahoo loop and I've actually had fun tryign to think up new an different questions.

So what did you learn this week??


Anonymous said...

I'm not a city girl or a country girl, more like a county girl, lol, so I have no idea what the heck "digging cheat" is. Please explain so that if I'm ever doing it I won't be holding a doggie at the same time. :)

You had to clip the piggies teeth!?! OH MY HECK! No wonder I don't have animals at my house. That is soooo awful to even think about doing I almost fell outta my chair! Geez! That must be so painful for the poor little beasts. I'd squeal too.

Being in a house that's 90ยบ fries the brain. Hope you got that fixed right away.

That's sooo awesome that you're really putting yourself out there for your love of writing. Just think how far you've come because of your quest to be published. You've come a long way baby! LOL Congratulations on growing so much. This is such a tremendous accomplishment in life, to grow and change like you're doing. Woo Hoo for you!

Paty Jager said...

Okay Piper, here ya go!

Digging for cheat means I was pulling the cheat grass and foxtail seeds out from between Boots's toes. They get stuck in there and then work their way through the skin and into the dog's bodies. We have to check T-Bone for them in her chest. The seeds have barbs on them like a fish hook and wiggle in and are hard to pull out.

Clipping the baby pigs teeth is like clipping your toenails. Only they don't like being held upside down so you can see in their mouths. LOL They are born with little dead like snags on their teeth and those snags poke and scratch the sow when they nurse. If you don't cut them off, the sow doesn't like to let them nurse.

Thanks for the encouraging words about my breaking out of my self-imposed shell. I'm liking the promotion more and more, but it still clenches my stomach and keeps me up nights! LOL

Anonymous said...

Whew! Thanks for clearing up the whole pigglets thing. That's a relief. LOL

Those foxtail seeds and cheat grass sound sound nasty! Poor little animals. What a good pet owner you are to pull them out at the risk of getting nipped. :)

I totally understand about the anxiety that you still feel but it's such a rush too, well, not the upset tummy and sleepless nights, but the whole getting up in front of people and giving a great performance. I love that feeling. It's what I imagine drugs to be like. LOL

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting to tell you how beautiful that picture of the peonies is, they're awesome! Mine are already finished blooming and now there's just leaves.

Did you take that picture? I just love flowers. They make life happy! :)

Paty Jager said...

Glad I could clear things up for you, Piper! And yes, that is a picture of my peonies and I took it. They're all dead now, but the bush was loaded and gorgeous when it was in full bloom. I like the fact it is a nice looking bush after it blooms. Unlike other flowers that the plant looks nasty after the flowers are gone.

Have a good one! It's going to be hot here again today and our dang heat up went on the fritz again! And after we paid $$ to have it fixed on Thursday!