Monday, July 09, 2007

Pig Update

The piglets are getting around too well! They are now jumping out of the farrowing pen and running around inside the barn. They are friendly little critters! Our red heeler cross female dog loves the piglets. She goes in the barn and cries then sniffs and licks the piglets. It's so funny! Now, Tink doesn't like them. Not sure if it's the noise or the smell! LOL

We went to check on our cows at a pasture we rent and one of the younger calves was curious about Tink and then they got in a game of chase. It was pretty comical watching the little dog speeding around the field with a calf kicking up its heels behind her!

My editor has asked to have the latest Petticoat book by the end of the week, so I'll be in polish mode all week.

If you have animals, have they done anything lately that made you laugh?


christy keerins said...

Our new pup, Maverick, likes to hide his doggie bones all over the house. The other day I found him hiding one under the shower curtain. And when I went to make dinner, he had hidden one among the bags of noodles on the shelf. :) I find them all over the house tucked in little corners when I am cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Aww... You're dogs so cute and funny Paty and Christy!

I don't have any animals, unless my 4 boys count. :p

Anonymous said...

Oh my heck, was I on drugs when I posted that comment! LOL

I meant, Your dogs sound like they are so cute and funny! Geez!! I have too many kids in the house tonight. My daughter has a friend over and my boys are trying to out-do each other on acting stupid and noisy. Ugh!

Sorry! Hopefully this comment isn't so full of spelling and grammar mistakes! LOL

Paty Jager said...

Christy, Can't wait to meet Maverick!

Becky, boys are animals! LOL