Friday, July 13, 2007

That Time Again- Friday Five

This week I'm going to list the five things that are happening/have happened in my writing life.

1) I'm teaching an online course today with my critique partner and fellow editor at TWRP, Nicole D'Areinzo, at the Hearts Through History online RWA Chapter for those RWA members who couldn't afford to go to Nationals in Dallas this week.

2) I sent Outlaw in Petticoats off to my editor.

3) I signed up for a table on August 2nd at the Writers Faire at the Portland Airport Sheraton Hotel hosted by Willamette Writers.

4) I'm working up a newsletter to be ready to go out when Perfectly Good Nanny is up as an e-book.

5) With the decisions made by RWA regarding small presses, and the interesting, enlightening comments by writers both pubbed and unpubbed from small presses and large, I've decided I'm not going to worry about getting published by the big presses and have verbally agreed to contract the rest of the Petticoat books (three more) and the Spirit trilogy to The Wild Rose Press. So I know I will have at least two books a year coming out through them for the next three years.


wavybrains said...

Wow that's huge news Paty!!! And with the new rules, you should be PAN very soon, I'm imagining! Maybe Outlaw will be your PAN seller :P :P :P

Paty Jager said...

The funny thing, Wavy- I could care less about PAN status. All I want to do is write the books, have them published, and have people enjoy them.