Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Five- What a rush!

Last night I spoke at the local writer's group meeting. The members write everything from poems and songs to fiction and non-fiction novels. So when I offered to speak, I thought long and hard about a topic that would hopefully interest all of them. The topic was " Stages of Writing".

My stages were Believe, Perfect, Network, Submit, Publish, Promote, and Never Forget. I was worried it wouldn't last the hour- and I went over. I was afraid they would all just sit there and stare at me as I talked. They actually laughed and asked good questions. I knewI'd start off fast in my nervousness, but I didn't. It was an awesome evening and more fun than I had expected!

I took my camera so I could put a photo up here today- and I forgot to give it to Lindy to take a picture! DUH!

So today, my Friday Five are five things said to me at the end of the evening.

1) Great information.

2) That was fun!

3) What an inspirational talk.

4) You've given me direction and hope.

5) You set the bar for any future speakers!

Do you think I'm walking on clouds today! Yes!!! I can't believe I stood in front of twenty-five writers and everyone of them seemed to glean something from what I said. Makes me want to sign up to teach something at Nationals! LOL

What are three things good that happened in your life this week?


Christy Keerins said...

Good job Mom-o.

1. We got our household goods and furniture.
2. I can now feel the baby moving and kicking.
3. I'm back up with the real world and now have phone and internet again.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

LOL I'm still waiting for three GOOD things *G*.

It sounds like it was a great talk, and I wish I could have been there!

You go girl!!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo Paty! This is awesome news! I had total faith in your abilities and knew you'd be a hit!

I'm so happy that the evening turned out so perfectly for you. Just revel in it today. :)

Three things...

1. My DH and I are starting a new business together.

2. I've started walking again, two miles a day this week, and I've been consistent.

3. I got a great haircut yesterday and I'm getting it colored for the first time in my life on Monday! Excited but scared too. :)

And wow Paty, thinking about teaching at Nationals is so cool! Good for you! You've got to feel proud about all the things you've accomplished so far in your life.

You go girl!

Anonymous said...

LOL, just posted my comment and Nic got her's posted before me by a hair. So we both said You Go Girl! I promise I wasn't copying her! ROFL...

Paty Jager said...

Christy, glad to hear you are settled! Thanks for stopping by.

Nic, next week will be better. Thanks!

Piper, I'm impressed, want to send some of that walking mojo my may? I haven't got out and walked in weeks! So what's the business and what's the color or your hair?? And this new business isn't going to interrupt with that writing binge you've had lately, is it?

Thanks for stopping by!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

So glad it went well! But I wish you'd taken pictures. :)